About Me

Music & Sound Therapy

Angelica Mastrogiuseppe

​I work with Sound Healing based on Vibroacustic Music Therapy. My style is based in scientific knowledge as well as ancestral understanding of sound. I believe that sound is where we can harmonize our physical, energetic, and emotional body’s and reconnect to our true being, and to the vibration of the Universe. I love supporting people in their healing process.

I use Reiki and sound to open up a space of high vibration, allowing a person to step into their highest alignment and specific healing needs.

I trained for many years as a musician and music therapist in Italy and Argentina. During my many years traveling around Latin America I explored and worked with a variety of healing techniques. Through this I was able to deepen and improve my skills as a charango player.

Studying with Charango masters and sharing my passion for playing with other musicians around the world. I bring all of this wisdom and teaching to each session along with my intuition of what is needed in the moment for the deepest healing.

My healing through music started more than 15 years ago with Music Therapy in a traditional form.

I worked in Italy and London with various schools and mental health institutions. Through the years my interest switched more into receptive music therapy, I trained in Vibroacustic Music Therapy and started investigating the power of sound and vibration on a person’s physical, mental and emotional body and how frequency can affect them in a scientific and energetic way.

I have a degree (Ba honour) in Music (DAMS, University of Bologna, Italy), my thesis was on the application of music therapy in a mental health institution.
I have a 2 years Diploma in Music Therapy (Cefig Antoniano, Bologna, Italy) 

I worked as a music therapist in various schools and institutions in Italy and London. In London I trained as a Secondary school music teacher (PGCE in Music, Secondary) and I worked for 6 years in different schools in London as Head of Music Department and music therapist. I trained for one year in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Vibroacustic Music Therapy (Centro de Musicoterapia Vibroacustica) which is a form of receptive music therapy that implies the use of Tibetan bowls and other Vibroacustic instruments in music therapy sessions.

As a certified Reiki Master I use my understanding of energy combined with my background in Auryveda and Sound to bring a holistic approach to health and healing. Combining these therapies showed me how they work in harmony with each other, deepening the level of healing received by the individual. This understanding has been parallel with my own spiritual growth. Currently I have been serving sound healing/Vibroacustic Therapy El Camino Sagrado Project for a year along with sacred plants, while continuing to give group and individual healing sessions. In the last 7 years I have given my sound healing service especially in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Uruguay, Peru and Italy working in various Yoga centers, spa and hotels. I have also taught sound healing workshops. In Buenos Aires I am part of the Orquesta Armónica de Buenos Aires, a group of sound healers that combines sound healing with different types of arts.

As a musician I started playing music at a young age playing piano and now I dedicate myself to Charango a beautiful instrument from the Andes. I studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Enzo Espeche and Patricio Sullivan and through travels I have learnt different musical styles especially from the Andes and Argentina.