"Embrace Your True Self"

Ancestral Sound Healing

WOMEN Retreat

Are you looking for inspiration and a new way to explore life and your inner self?

Come and enjoy the magic of the Sacred Valley of Incas in the mountains of Peru.

Get this unique opportunity to explore paths to healing and reconnection to your real self and your heart through:

Special sound healings

Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies

Andean ancestral rituals

Self-development workshops

Adventure trips

We guide you exploring inner transformation and evolution to unfold a life with more meaning.

Small groups 

Professional and caring staff

Amazing location 

Get time for yourself and connect with like-minded people, expanding our growing spiritual community.


Our journey together

Transformation & Adventure 

At our spiritual retreat our priority is to help our participants connect with their ancestral roots and experience the hidden mysticism of life. Peru’s Andes are a sacred place where ancestrality is strongly felt, creating a chance to connect with our roots especially through music and Andean rituals (offering to the earth within others). 

Combining centuries-old cultural traditions with modern practices, at the heart of the program there are exclusive sound healings and sound journeys. We see the gift of sound as a way to harmonize the body/mind-spirit connection. You will experience ancestral music played by local amazing musicians in some of the world’s most energetic sacred locations.

The retreat includes powerful Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremonies held by local trustworthy shamans. This ancestral medicine awaken deep healing within by contacting your own inner power and connecting with nature to a deep level.

The group workshops will help you dive into yourself, explore self-limiting beliefs, identify inner shadows, explore the mind and emotions and the conditioning we carry. You will be equipped with greater self-awareness and find ways to break free with a new understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Ancestral rituals are a tool that help us to deeply understand our real relation to life and nature, and consequently the relation to ourselves – to understand where we came from.

What's included

NOTE: although we suggest to take part to all the activities and ceremonies, none of them are compulsory. 

We plan according to the group needs to ensure that you have the best experience.

For any not provided information or doubts prior to the retreat, please contact us. 


This program will be unique to you in the way that your journey will shift according to your personal process and how you connect to plant medicine. 

This retreat is a special experience that creates opportunities for self- realisation, emotional growth and deep healings.  Our aim is to create for you a space of healing and evolution where you can experience:

Who is this for?

We strive to foster an atmosphere of openness and introspection that will allow our participants to connect more deeply with themselves and with the universe.

This retreat is for all the women who are looking for healing, evolution and transformation, an exploration of a new a new meaning of life and new adventures, or a desire to connect with plant medicine and ancestrality.

This retreat will also benefit you if you are feeling lost in your life, going through depression, anxiety and stress, or are simply needing grounding, relaxation and to feel better with yourself.

Small groups and amazing healers

We work with small groups of up to 10 people.
We welcome individuals, couples and groups to enjoy a 7-day getaway to Peru’s picturesque sacred Valley. 
All the facilitators will take you on a journey of inspiration and healing.
We only work with the best medicine people and facilitators in the valley whom we have known for long time and built a trustful relationship with.

​The Retreat Centre

Our retreat centre is located in the beautiful village of Pisac, 45 mins from Cusco. 
You’ll benefit from healing in nature while still enjoying the comforts of modern amenities. 
The centre is situated in a serene location close to nature, where you can forget about the hustle of life and focus on yourself.  It is a great place for you to unwind and enjoy walks by exploring picturesque locations.
Our homy villa can accommodate up to 12 people. 
Accommodation options: we have double rooms with single beds, double rooms with double beds that can be rented individually or by a couple or friends (check the booking page).


Delicious healthy food is cooked on site by an amazing nutritionist using fresh, local and organically grown ingredients .
The food is vegan/vegetarian. 
We can meet your specific requirements. 


We will pick you up in Cusco the first day of the retreat at 4pm (at a meeting point we will give you). The last day of the retreat we will bring you back to Cusco leaving the centre at 12.00pm.
Guests that leave to Machu Picchu will be picked up at the centre at 11.40am.
Private pick up at/to the airport or elsewhere is also available on your own expenses. Enquire with us.

Our Values

We created the retreat to fulfill our higher self life purpose to bring healing and awareness to the world.

We honour our ancestors and what we can learn from them.

We deeply believe that sound is a powerful tool for re-alignment to the universal vibration and for harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. We work with most spiritual and authentic musicians in the Sacred Valley.

We deeply respect sacred of Master Plants and believe in their healing powers, we only work with medicine people and staff who are aligned with our vision and who are living life with integrity.

Our priority is to give attention both to the individual’s needs and to the needs of the group. Every participant is in a different stage of life and comes to the retreat with different needs. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are well loved and cared for. One on one sessions are included in the program.

Integration and Preparation are important part of the program. We are always available before and after the program. Book a call or get in contact if we have missed here any information or you want to know more. After the retreat we offer a free group Zoom call to share on the process after the program. You are not left alone! Angelica is also available for Online Individual Coaching after the in presence Program. Please check the coaching session. 

Meet your retreat leader

Our main retreat leader is Angelica Mastrogiuseppe. She will be your guide and will be present with you all the way through the retreat. She has been running healing retreats since 2015 and being a therapist and healer for over 20 years. 


“I am Angelica, an experienced sound healer & music therapist and a coach. I have been working with master plant medicine for over 11 years. My intention is to bring healing and evolution through sound and sacred plants. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to hold space for people as they journey into their own healing and awakening.” 

Our local amazing healers

ALONSO DEL RIO. We have the privilege to work with Alonso del Rio, a globally celebrated shaman whose incredible talents have touched hearts worldwide. Known for his medicine ceremonies, music and transformative projects empowering local communities, he’s a beacon of positive change. He stands out as the most authentic medicine music musician. Alonso del Rio truly embodies the essence of magic, both in his actions and his music.

His expertise continues to draw seekers from around the world, seeking enlightenment and restoration.

HEBE HAMONACID sees music as a way of healing and connection to God. He is a researcher, music healer and a passionate musician of inca and pre inca music. Hebe was born in the Andes and possesses an incredible collection of musical instruments, including inca drums and flutes. Some of his instruments are hand made by him. He plays his music alone, or with his ancestral music band which creates amazing and unique sound and musical experiences.

JORGE CHOQUEWILKA is a spiritual guide, healer and musician. He plays the Andean Harp and Bandurria, and is known within the local community as a medicine man and expert of the Inca culture. Jorge comes from an original quechua speaking community, and learned to speak Spanish and English only as an adult later in his life. Listening to Jorge talk about his culture is inspiring, as his knowledge of ancestral culture is deep and real.

Marcela y david

Marcela and her husband David are an amazing couple of medicine people and they are dedicated to the expansion of the Andean Cosmovision as a way to live and see life. They serve the medicine of San Pedro and they are truly knowledgeable of the Andean Cosmovision and all the rituals.
Their pure heart is felt throughout the ceremonies.
Marcela is also available for coca leaf readings.

Mother Ayahuasca

Please get in contact to receive the all the guidance and information to participate to a ceremony.

Andean Rituals and the Andes

Our program is planned especially keeping in mind the rich cultural history of the Andean people and the Andes. Join us to experience the magic of the land of the Incas, healing with ancient traditions and practices. The Andes is a place where time stands still, an area of immense peace which provides an amazing backdrop for the healing process. Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru, is a lush green valley situated 1h and 40 mins from Cusco.
You´ll also learn about Andean Cosmovision. Throughout your stay, you will have the pleasure of participating in an ancestral ceremonial offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and other rituals. Local people pay homage to Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Inca goddess of fertility. This ancestral ritual has been used by locals to ask to ask mother hearth assistance and healing and to show her their gratitude. Local healers will lead the rituals and take care of it assisting you on your particular need or intentions. Sacred Coca leaf readings are also available.

San Pedro (Huachuma)

We want to bring this experience to you because we believe that San Pedro is a valuable tool for self-exploration and personal growth. San Pedro provides a profound and transformative experience that can be both healing and enlightening. In fact, in recent years, there has been an increasing interest in plant medicines from Western cultures, and San Pedro is one of the most popular options. This sacred brew contains mescaline, a naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid from nature, that can bring a deeply transformative experience enhancing feelings of spiritual connection with the world around us whilst diving deep into our inner self. Self exploration is permitted in the way our ceremonies are run. 

San Pedro grows wildly in the Andes Mountains of Peru and our shamans preciously take care of the preparation themselves cooking the brew for hours until ready for the most effective and enlightening experience. 

Special Sound Ceremonies

In this retreat you will have the unique opportunity to explore the power of sound in a variety of modalities. From pre-Inca musical journeys in sacred sites and sound ceremonies with crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls, to ancestral music concert, medicine music and kirtan circles with cacao.
Whether it is through chanting, drumming, or other forms of instrumentation, sound healing has transformative power that helps us to connect with ourselves and our surroundings. It helps us to return to our natural state of harmony by restoring our vibrations. Each session is designed to help facilitate deep states of relaxation and healing expanding your understanding of the power of sound and its role in both physical and spiritual healing.

Sound healings are based on the principle that everything in the universe is vibrating at its own unique frequency. When our mind and body are in harmony with these frequencies, we experience health and well-being. However, when there is a disruption in this flow of energy, we may experience physical or emotional symptoms of imbalance. Sound healing works to restore harmony within our system. By using a variety of frequencies sound re-aligns our mind and body with the natural flow of energy.

Sound is a powerful force that connect us to the spirit of our ancestors. Pre-Inca music is particularly powerful in this regard, as its flutes’ ancient melodies invoke a sense of mystery and history that connects us to our deepest roots. It draws upon the power of our ancestral traditions to create a soul-nourishing soundscape. By connecting us to the spirit of our ancestors this music can help us to reconnect with the deepest parts of ourselves. Our amazing musicians act as conduits, channelling sacred melodies and rhythms that vibrate at a deep level within our beings, helping to soothe and nurture inner harmony. It is a way not only to connect with ourselves but also with the universal realm that lies beyond words and thoughts yet still permeates all aspects of existence.


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