Sound Healing Individual Sessions

Based on the Vibroacustic Theory of therapy this session is a unique way to connect to yourself and heal through sound. It consist of a sound bath with Crystal bowls and other instruments and a vibrational massage with Vibroacustic Tibetan bowls whose frequency help to reach a different state of consciousness.
This deep massage acts on a physical body and it is used on the treatment of different body tensions, the cure of migraines, PMS Symptoms, high blood pressure, and many more.

Sound Healing Group Session

Relaxing and harmonising body spirit and mind receiving a sound bathing with Tibetan and Cristal Bowls and other ancestral musical instruments. A sound sacred ceremony where to experience physical body relaxation and reach a state of inner peace.

Sound Healing Water

Vibroacustic Massage in the water with all the benefits of a vibrational massage and the relaxing state that being in the water brings. It consists of specific relaxing movements of the body and the healing vibration that is amplified in the water gets to the body very effectively. 


​I am trained in the Mikao Usui traditional Reiki Method. Reiki is a Hands On method of healing where the practitioner channels the universal intelligent energy of love to help the other to relax, release and heal. 

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